In commercial real estate the process of business, listings, and commissions is greatly affected and impacted by how you think. Directed positive thinking brings better results every time, and in the real estate game, results are critical.

Any elements of doubt, conflict, stress, and frustration have to be replaced by directed creative positive thinking. When you do this you get better results.

Such a simple matter does not to be hard or complex. You simply need to protect and direct your positive thinking and actions towards the things that really matter. That is normally:


  • Prospecting on daily basis
  • Cold Calling new people
  • Running your database
  • Inspecting property with people
  • Negotiating sales and lease deals
  • Listing processes and commissions
  • Creating documentation to complete deals


Nobody likes to have an average or below average experience with a salesperson that is abrupt, diverted, egotistical, or just doesn’t care. Everyone likes to be well treated and respected in the sale process.

So let’s set some rules and direction for the thinking processes you can implement in commercial sales and leasing of property.


    1. Action thinking – this is first and foremost the foundation of progress. The action you take has to be daily and to a deliberate plan that captures your market opportunities.


    1. Fear needs to be challenged and conquered – Fear in the process of business and prospecting will stop many people from taking action. Fear has to be stepped through every time. Nothing can stop you doing the things that really matter.


    1. Chart your progress daily and weekly –BONANZAJP When you take steps to chart your progress in listings, prospecting, contracts, leases, new signboards, and enquiries, you start to know when things are going well for you and this underpins progress. This helps you get stronger in your actions and focus. Numbers and conversions are really a key part of commercial real estate progress.


    1. Create Goals that must happen – Many things have been said about having goals. Importantly you have them and they are not just a ‘wish-list’ that seems impossible. The more you believe in your goals, the more directed momentum you will make.


    1. Think Time Tactics constantly – Remember that time is your major resource and has to be optimised. In other words do not waste time, and do not let others do that to you. Your time has to be directed towards the tasks that matter.


  1. Pareto Principle 80/20 – This rule is known by many in the industry. It evolved from a well know Italian business man Vilfredo Pareto many years ago. He essentially worked out that 80% of your business will come from 20% of your actions. The fact has been proven by scores of business people ever since around the world. When you really focus 20% of your working day to the critical things like prospecting without fear and with focus, then results will happen.


So what you think really does impact your results as you work in the commercial real estate industry. Take steps to direct and protect your thinking and you will be surprised at just how many opportunities you will see and seize.


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