As you might already be aware knowledge is power, people spend huge amounts of money on learning new skills and finding out information which is why you can profit from it.

Chances are you know something that other people don’t which means you can set up your own Online course. You might be very good at using computers or the Internet for example, this means that you will have a very good understanding of how the Internet works.

Although you might think that everyone knows about computers and the Internet you might be surprised at how many people don’t know anything about it! You could quite easily create a course on the Internet and then charge people who are interested in learning about it.

A four hour course on virtually any subject would be really easy for you to create, for that you could probably charge $25 each. That may not sound like a lot of money, but to be honest it really will mount up.

By setting the prices that low you can encourage as many people as possible to click on your links and purchase your course. Even if you only get 10 people signing up to your course every week that’s still $250 in clear profit! You could soon have an income to rival your job.

This is by no means a get rich quick scheme, in order to make money a course in miracles   you have to be willing to put in plenty of time and effort. If you can create a unique course then you will quickly find that people want to sign up to it so that they can learn about what you know. This will work even better if you are considered an expert in the field!

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