When you look for a laptop case, you might realize there are many materials that are used to make them. Each type has different qualities that make it suitable for different applications. There are 5 most common types of materials you will see readily available.

The first type is a case made from leather. Leather is a material that comes from animal hides, which are normally a byproduct of the food industry. Durability across brands is generally high, especially when compared to other materials, but still it can vary between brands. Colors and styles vary greatly, especially with today’s technology. Cheap version can be mistaken for quality fake leather, but even cheap leather is better than fake leather in durability. You will normally find it as a bag.

Cases made from fake leather are another type. Sometimes this will be called pleather, as they are essentially a plastic or PVC based imitation of leather. Quality and type of plastic blend varies from brand to brand, which will affect quality, durability and water resistance. It tends to be lighter than similar products made from leather. You will normally find them as bags.

The third one is a neoprene case. Neoprene cases are  hp pavilion ryzen 5 commonly seen as laptop sleeves. It is great for keeping small amounts of moisture of your laptop and provides some padding. The quality between brands tends to vary only a little.

Another case material is cloth. This can be synthetic or natural materials. Natural materials come from non-human made sources, and are fabrics such as cotton or canvas. Synthetic materials are human-made, such as polyester and nylon. External coatings are frequently used to provide resistance to water. Bags are the mot common use for this material.

The fifth one is a hard plastic case. These are the most durable option, and along with leather tend to last a while. Most are lined, which provide additional protection. They vary from waterproof to water resistant. They are normally seen as bulky cases.

To ensure you buy the best laptop case for your needs, you should do enough research to give you an idea of what you need. You must determine how you will really use your laptop, and what type of protection you need. The materials above have positive and negative benefits, and you should know how to weight those for your decision.


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