· Meditate First~ Practice a meditation before attending the event to put yourself in a relaxed and content mindset. Do not dwell on the “what if’s” of potential drama scenes because the energy put into those thoughts only increases the likelihood of it happening. Practicing a brief meditation beforehand will increase the connection to your inner voice and empower you with a positive attitude that you can bring to the event and in turn attract the same likeness towards you.

· Attend with a Positive Force~ Go with a friend as a positive force for support. His/her presence Dramacool  will direct your attention towards them and away from tension causing people. You can focus on having fun with your friend and support system and increase your relaxed happy vibe.

· Accompany Positive Forces~ During the event, stick with friends and family members as added positive forces to keep your focus toward having a good time.

· Limit Your Alcohol Intake~ Drink responsibly and keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum, if you plan on drinking alcohol. Eat good food to fill your stomach and remember to stay hydrated by matching your alcoholic beverages with glasses of water.

· Be a Positive Force~ In the event that you become involved in the same conversation, photo-op or similar situation with the tension causing person, be cordial. A simple greeting sets a relaxed, non-threatening tone and let’s people know that you have no intentions of causing a drama scene.

· Mind Your Body Signs~ Your body is your number one radar system. Be mindful of your body, your breathing, your posture, and your personal key signal areas: for example anxiety in chest, tightness in neck and shoulders, headaches, butterflies in your belly, twitch in the eye, or becoming fidgety. Keep in mind that alcohol not only suppresses inhibitions but it also depresses the nervous system, which numbs your radar system.

· Remain a Positive Force~ Studies suggest that communication is only 7% verbal. Your body language, eye movements, breathing, posture, etc give off volumes of perceivable information. In order for your body to reveal positive intentions your mind must remain occupied by thoughts of being happy, grateful for your friends and family, and having fun. If you feel yourself slipping into a negative thought pattern, create a mind shift with four-count breaths to relax your body and then begin counting your blessings. Begin with counting the things you are grateful for about yourself, the air you breathe, the food you eat, and then move out to things you are grateful for in your immediate surroundings. You can continue this practice by expanding your grati

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