Try not to be become a man of success, but rather a man of value, said Albert Einstein. Obviously, he is correct. Sending a “thank you letter” to your interviewer or recruiter after the interview, is now modern and the best tricks to seduce your recruiter or interviewer. It is therefore, important that you should as much as possible get the contact address of the interviewer or recruiter or phone number during the interview, if they are more than one, send a personal note to each one of them having gotten their names during the interview. In the course of the interview, a friendship is established and it is on this friendship you are building when you send them a “thank you note or letter. ”

In your letter, you thank them for the opportunity  oil and gas training company  to be interview by them and tell them that you had a good experience you had the interview. Remember, you just need to be a standout of the crowd so, you should therefore, send a thank you note or letter following the reasons below;

It helps you on building on the friendship established during you first meeting. Individual always tend to be sensitive to feeling of closeness, you may be surprise your interviewer or recruiter will give you a private call.

It singles you not as an only professional but also a highly respected, honor and you have given a chance to vibrate to their brim. Professional are always look-up to, why? Professionalism is an impressive punch weapon. Practice it and be singed-out as the best.

It confirmed your interest in the job; this agree with the saying “the desire of man is what he/her is uprightly up to” on that it determines your interest and extinct for it definitely you must have. Sending a thank you letter is like appreciating for what neither you nor see, touch and confined in; it is approximately a faith in pretend. Remember individual get impress by appreciation and overflow with joy through thanks.

To many, the need to earn a decent living in these hard times leads them to explore an oil job. There are people who choose to work on an oil rig as it is in their blood, but the vast majority do it for the money. It is far from easy. It is a job that demands extreme physical labour, in all weathers. Whether you work on an onshore oil rig or an offshore oil rig the physical demands are extreme. At the same time it is far from slave labour. You get fairly paid and in most cases, fantastically well paid. It is certainly a career worth exploring, whether you view it as a short term or long term option.

When it comes to looking for an oil job, the first decision you need to make is whether you want to work onshore or offshore. Onshore jobs are slightly safer and because of this, less well paid. The accommodation and catering supplied for workers is great, though it doesn’t match the luxury provided on the offshore rigs. If an off shore rig is where you want to be you’ll work 14 days on and 21 days off. While you’re on the rig your accommodation is often of a hotel standard, with laundry and all meals taken care of. Everything is paid for by the company and meals are excellent, with canteens being open 24/7. Not to mention the entertainment available.

If you’ve never worked on an oil job in the oil and gas industry you’ll be well advised to get your feet wet with an onshore job first. You could apply for a job as a lease hand or roustabout which is an entry level position and demands a good level of fitness. You’d be responsible for keeping the drilling field and rig safe from hazards, clean and tidy. If there is any moving of equipment necessary, you’ll be the one to do it. It is hard physical labour and plenty of overtime is available, which is great for your pocket. You could be asked to dig ditches, paint or simply take out the garbage. All of this and more is required of you if you want an entry level oil job.

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