I’ve heard many neophytes in the dating games saying they don’t know what to say when they start calling their intending date. They are afraid of saying something wrong. I tried not to laugh, but I always did whenever I heard that. A fellow was saying just yesterday that he met this attractive lady two days ago and managed to collect her number.

He called her on the evening of the following day and the girl answered and said, “Hello”.

“Hello”, the guy answered back.

“Hello, who is it?” asked the girl.

“I’m John… We call girls in islamabad met yesterday… at the supermarket.”

“Ok, John how are you?”

“I’m fine.” Then silence. “How are you too?” asked John.

“I’m fine. Thanks”. Then silence again.

Finally, John said, “I just want to say hello to you”

“Thanks for that”, replied the girl. Silence again.

“Bye, I’ll call you again”, said John and cut the line before the girl can respond.

Calling a potential date on the phone need not be such an herculean task. You need to relax and make the call like any other social call. If you start to think in your mind as you make the call, as whether she will like you or not, you are likely to fumble. Just keep your cool and talk to her as you will do to a female colleague who you just want to ask after her welfare.

A Typical First Telephone Conversation With a Girl

What you say to her when you call will depend on the trend of the conversation. You don’t need to think ahead or rehearse what you will say ahead. The conversation may go like this:

She (answered her phone and said): “Hello”

You: “Hi Tola, it is me John. We met at the supermarket yesterday”

She: “Oh yes. How are you doing?”

You: “I’m doing fine, and you?”

She: “I’m fine”

You: “That’s good. I just called to hear that sweet voice of yours again”

She: “Please stop teasing me”

You: “I’m not teasing you at all, girl. I’m saying the truth”.

She: “Alright. Thanks for the compliment”

You: “Hope you are having a nice day”

She: “Yes, I’m. And you?”

You: “Same with me. I’ll be calling you again. Please take care of yourself”.

She: “Thanks for the call. Bye.”

You: “Bye”. And you hang up.

Of course you can ask her out before ending the call. Just make sure you do it as casually as possible. Don’t say it as if you are under any tension

A Typical Follow-Up Telephone Conversation

When you call her next, you can relax the tone of your conversation more. That is, you can talk more freely with her. The conversation may go like this:

She (answered her phone and said): “Hi John”

You: “Hi Tola. Hope you are doing fine”

She: “Yes, I’m. Thanks”

You: “What are you doing now?”

She: “Nothing”

You: “Come on, girl. You can’t be doing ‘nothing’. You can be sitting, standing or lying down”.

She: “Ok, I’m sitting down and reading a book”

You: “That’s better. What book is that, baby?”

She: “It’s a novel by Terry McMillan”

You: “Terry McMillan! I’d read some of her novels.

In fact I have 3 of her books”.

She: “Really?”

You: “Yes, girl. Which of her books are you reading?” And the conversation goes on and on.

As you see, if you are not planning on what to say earlier, but allows her response to determine what you’ll say next, you’ll not ran out of what to say to her. Just be yourself and see your conversation with her as a normal conversation with any other friend or family.


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